Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 Goals

This year was such an amazing year.  Alan and I found out we were pregnant, I started the blog with week 9 of my pregnancy journal, and Aidan arrived!  In the middle of all that we became an aunt/uncle to Addison, took an amazing vacation to Cozumel, I completed my graduate program, Alan completed his undergrad degree, and Mackenzie turned three plus so many other fun details along the way.  

This coming year presents challenges (read: sleep deprivation) and excitement (watching Aidan grow and maybe getting some more sleep as the year progresses).  I started blogging about my monthly goals in September and certainly want to continue those.  Each month presents new opportunities and I like making goals specific to what is current in my life.  But I also want goals that will carry through the year.  Big goals.  Special goals.  

So here we go.  My 2013 goals:

1. Take at least one family photo every month.  And hopefully get one session in 2013 with a professional photographer. 

2. Find an organizational solution to my craft/knitting projects.  I'm not sure there is one but I'll try.  

3. Print another blurb book (probably consisting entirely of Aidan photos).

4. Continue Project Life (you can see the start of my 2012 documentation here) and incorporate the baby core kit.  I love being the documentary in our family.  I love making note of what is important in our lives - in my life.  I want to remember in twenty years that Aidan's hair smelled like perfection at this age.  Documenting those notes in Project Life is the best way for me to do that.  

5. Complete this grey sweater for Aidan. 

6. Run a half marathon.  My last race for the Wounded Warrior Project was a very slow walk.  My next race will be an actual run and hopefully for another good cause.  I've done a number of races in my life - two half ironmans, two marathons, multiple half marathons and shorter distances - but I've obviously never had a race post baby.  This presents a bigger challenge but I love to run so I'm up for it. 

7. Learn to sew.  I have wanted to do this FOREVER.  Time to make it happen!

As the year progresses I'll be adding more and more goals.  Ones that help me focus on important things I'd like to try or learn.  Ones that help me bring simplicity to my life (usually in the form of organization).  Ones that help me develop and become a better person.  And that's what 2013 is all about: becoming a better person, a better mom, a better wife by focusing on things I love and make me happy.  Because I believe that happy people spread happiness.     

In reality, my 2013 goals are really pretty simple.  They focus on capturing moments and milestones via photos and documentation, knitting, sewing, organizing, and running.  I choose to focus on those because that's what makes my heart happy.  

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. 
C.S. Lewis    

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