About Us

We're having a baby.  Had you guessed that part already?

This blog came about because I wanted to document the changes (good, bad & probably some ugly) along the way.  The blog name is derived from our last name: Sinks.  My manager once asked me when we'd be having little baby faucets.  The nickname stuck.  

Our first baby is Mackenzie.  We've brought her from the pound to the penthouse (if you can call a fifth floor condo a penthouse).    

Now some of the nitty gritty deets....

I write and he takes the pictures.  

We live in Virginia.  I've never lived outside the commonwealth; he's lived all over.   

He works with the government & I work in insurance.  Clearly all the sexy jobs were taken. 

We hope the baby is healthy.  If we get really lucky, the baby will be healthy and inherit Alan's eyes.  If we have a girl, she needs to inherit my feet.

I went to UVA for undergrad and Boston University for grad school.  Alan went to JMU, left to join the Marine Corps and serve in Iraq.  He finished his undergrad degree from Liberty in August.  

Thanks for stopping by! 
Cady & Alan 

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