Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby pictures

Just for you, I've perfected the art of taking a photo of a photo.  And from this, it's pretty clear to see that Aidan is my baby.  Aside from having fairly long feet, fingers, and toes, he hasn't taken on too many of Alan's features.  Yet.  I have a feeling he will start to look more and more like Alan as he grows.  

Side note, Alan is standing in his baby photo above but he was only five or six months in this picture.  He started walking at a very, very early age.  The same might be true for Aidan considering his propensity to move his arms, legs, and head.  We might be running after this little monkey sooner than later.    


  1. Cady, Alan also cut his first tooth at about 3 months!! More to look forward to, Sweetie!!!

  2. Oh wow - that's early too! I talked early but wasn't truly walking until after I turned one.