Monday, October 15, 2012

Happiness is....

....seeing this face.  Addison is such a fun little model.  I just can't help but take dozens (ok hundreds) of photos when I'm with her.  And can you blame me?  Her eyes and cute, funny faces just beg for attention.  

Addison celebrated her 8 month milestone this past week.  She is crawling, picking up puffs to eat, and certainly showing off more and more personality.  On Saturday we had a family lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  During her lunch, Addison kept hanging back in the highchair and pointing to the air.  I think she's practicing her sweet, sweet dance moves.  

Jessica and her baby girl.  In my dream world, my fun job would be as a photographer and these would be my favorite pictures to take - mom and baby.  There is just that something special between a mom and her baby.  I think it shines through the camera as well.  

The Flatter family, October 2012

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