Sunday, October 14, 2012

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks!  we have made it to the eighth month people!
What's on the canvas? Once again I'm embracing fall and using the colors of the season.  This week I used orange paper and wine corks.  I love that some of the corks were from red wine bottles and add a little burgundy hue to the mix.  
Weight gain: +20 - I'll have my 32 week appointment on Monday to find out the latest
Best moments this week: The last seven days involved a race around the lake (more deets here), crushing some work at the office, a fabulous dinner with clients on Wednesday, completing the sleeves to this project, and a trip to Delaware for the weekend.  

We arrived Friday night in time for dinner and a little bit of play time with Addison.  Then Saturday enjoyed a nice, slow morning - totally my favorite - before Jessica and I headed out for massages.  We've already been talking about coming back up in November so I can get another one.  The place we went to has a pregnancy massage table where you can lay on your front side and the belly just slips through a hole.  Do you have any idea how incredible it was to lay facing down?  I definitely started to doze off toward the end of my massage because I was so comfortable.  In fact, I'm surprised I left the building without trying to steal the table.  

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach and being able to reach my feet.  Seriously, the process of putting on socks at this point is more than humbling.  
Movement: Still lots of funny stretching going on in there.  I can often feel a hard spot (I'm assuming his butt or head) that seems to migrate from one area to another, usually horizontally across my belly.    
Pregnancy symptoms: Where to start .... My belly button is still oddly flat and looking like it might actually close.  Not sure what that's all about.  I've had to switch out my engagement ring and wedding band for my David Yurman ring.  People are pretty judgy so I didn't want to go without something on my swollen ring finger.  I've also been enjoying/surviving cramps in my feet and calves.  Wednesday night I had a foot/calf cramp so bad, I'm pretty sure my pinky toe touched my big toe.  

*While we were in Delaware, we were able to get some cute pictures together that I wanted to share.  Of course, Alan just had to make an inappropriate comment and I giggled through half of them. Typical.


  1. Very cute!! only 8 weeks to go, maybe even sooner. I love that scarf in your last post, looks so cozy lol.

  2. you look better as the weeks go on. xo