Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Organization of knitting

Lately I've been doing a lot more knitting.  I'm not sure if this is a product of the coming fall season or a subconscious way for my body to slow down and relax a bit.  Whatever the reason, the product of my recent knitting compulsion has been very positive.  I've completed a blanket and hat for the baby and am nearly finished with this sweater for myself.  
I just have to knit the neck line, sew in the ends, and block the sweater.  After this pattern, I'm seriously spoiled.  Knitting in the round to avoid sewing has been fantastic.  Completion is even closer.  Wahoo!!  
As a side note, this sweater is a Jane Richmond design.  It's her Ladies Classic Raglan.  If you're looking for awesome designs with pattern writing that is very understandable and well formulated, she's your gal.  I heart her in an awkward, I'd-want-to-hug-her-but-she-wouldn't-know-who-I-am, kind of way.  She lives in British Columbia so I'll just continue to stalk her knitting from afar and avoid the awkward hug.  

While I was working on this sweater, I took a moment to get my knitting bag nice and organized.  I had mentioned previously about organizing some of my other knitting and there is definitely more to do....  

Yikes.  Let's just agree to ignore all of that for now.  Instead, let's focus on what I have organized: my knitting bag reserved for "I'm working on it now" projects.  I thought it might be nice to share if there are any beginning knitters out there who are curious about what items to have on hand.  
This is a nice sturdy little bag I got for free with a magazine subscription.  It has a flat bottom with one side pocket and can snap close (if it's not stuffed).  
My current project - you can see here that I wasn't yet finished with the sleeve.  It took me from Friday to Tuesday night to finish it.  Mostly because I forgot to switch to smaller needles for the cuff and had to redo it. 
The clear plastic container holds a few important items and sometimes hold the beginning of a new knitting project.  The yellow folder is used to hold my current pattern and keep it from getting crushed inside the bag.  I often keep a few patterns in the folder because I can't help myself from collecting ideas. 
This is the real "meat" that I wanted to share:  
A - A mini pouch I use to hold all the small tools.  This makes it a lot easier than chasing small items around in the bigger bag.  
B - Crochet hooks used to fix mistakes.  I highly recommend having a very small crochet hook on hand (see that light blue one).  
C - Double pointed knitting needles required for the current pattern.
D - Cable needle 
E - Paper for notes - I make a lot of notes for counting to keep track of where I am in a pattern.
F - Stitch markers  
G - Tape measurer
H - Darning needles 
I - Pen 
J - Scrap yarn 
K - Scissors 
L - Knit check to test gauge

If you're a newer knitter, I hope this helps!  And if you're a seasoned knitter, feel free to chime in with suggestions or helpful tools of the trade!

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  1. No hints i'm afriad, just that i wish i had the stamina that you have for knitting! every time i try, it ends up looking like a wollen fly swatter lol.

    Jan @door251