Sunday, September 2, 2012

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks!  Getting really close to the third trimester!!  I've already gotten to the point where I'm overly excited to meet this little boy.  I can't wait to see what he looks like and if he has mannerisms like me or Alan.  Just have to do a little more marinating until we can see. 
What's on the canvas?  Post-it notes for a fun little layered effect.  I have approximately five of each color remaining so this will be fun to use at work while they last.  
Weight gain: around +12 - haven't weighed myself for a couple days.  
Best moments this week: My parents came over for a mini-visit on Wednesday.  It was awesome to see them after being away for more than two weeks (their enviable retirement allows them to split time between the beach and northern VA).  Plus my mom was so sweet and brought over maternity clothes she recently purchased for me.  Most of those new items will be perfect for the fall which makes me really excited for my favorite time of the year.  
The second highlight this week was a nice Sinks family reunion on Friday night when we all converged on BWI and picked up Mr. Sinks who is on a very short leave from Afghanistan.  It's been really fun to have the family all together and I know this has been a great way to break up his year long deployment. 
All of this has given me an idea to focus on what makes me really happy and share it with the virtual world.  It's a pretty simple idea but I think it will pay back in dividends.  More on this soon!
Miss anything?  Stinky, unpasturized cheese; A dark beer or nicely chilled glass of wine (or both); Sprouts - yes, sprouts.  I had pho for the first time on Saturday for lunch but had to skip over the sprouts because they are one of the many odd things that could possibly contain bacteria and make the baby sick.  The pho was good, especially with the added Sriracha, but sprouts would have been a fun touch.  In a couple months I'll have to ask Alan to take me back so I can enjoy a ridiculous amount of uneventful, but missed sprouts.  
Movement: Loving it - this little guy has his quiet moments but he gives me a flurry of movement every few hours.  I've watched my belly move and just marveled at the idea of seeing these movements in the outside world shortly. 
Pregnancy symptoms: My back felt great this week.  No complaints.  A friend realized that the baby had probably been sitting on my sciatic nerve when my lower back/hip was hurting so intensely.  Now that the baby isn't crushing that tender nerve, I'm feeling much better.  Too bad I can't put up a hazard sign in there to ward him off from ever returning to that spot.  Fingers crossed.  
Maternity clothes? Oh yes, although I can still mix in some of my normal stuff (read: I can still wear some shirts if they are roomy and long, my regular pants are out of the question unless we're talking about my yoga pants, and most dresses still work).  

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