Monday, August 27, 2012

Watercolor Memories

Well, acrylic not watercolor but the idea for this project was a way to preserve a memory.  I got the idea from Young House Love.  They have a nice collage of pictures and quotations in their daughter's nursery including a very cool framed canvas with her wristband from the hospital.  I loved the idea of something special to preserve a very important memory.  

The supplies and the design were both very simple for this project: one 5x5 canvas (on sale at AC Moore), a brush that I already had at home (originally $1 from AC Moore and used for another project), three acrylic paint colors to pick from with two used in the final project, and my most recent wristband from a hospital appointment.   

When I started painting I realized that it would look a bit incomplete if I didn't paint the sides as well. 
Once the dark blue was down, I thought it would be fun to add a stripe of light blue.  I started and quickly realized it was not dry.  Luckily acrylic paint does dry quickly (I was just a bit too eager) and you can cover up mistakes.  

Once everything was completely dry (I gave it lots of time) I used a piece of painters tape to add my wristband.  This is just a little placeholder until baby comes.  We have a variety of silver frames to use on the wall in the nursery and this will be a very nice bold pop of color in the midst of all the frames.  Now it's just a matter of deciding how to arrange everything....

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