Sunday, August 26, 2012

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 weeks in the picture // 25 weeks & 1 day as of this post 
What's on the canvas? This week I skipped the canvas.  My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball (ginormous) so I knew I wanted to do something with Alan's goalie gloves.  Rather than use the canvas this week, we went simple.  Of course taking the pictures was anything but simple - in fact, there was shouting, Mackenzie tried to trip me, and the lighting wasn't particularly helpful.  
This has taught me that (1) setting up the camera on a tripod rather than a mismatched stack of books is probably more convenient and safer for the camera and myself (Christmas present Alan!), (2) while Mackenzie is terrified of the canvas, she wants to be part of the picture taking even if it puts me at risk of breaking my neck, and (3) our blue walls only photograph blue in the daylight.  
Weight gain: +10 at the doctor's on Monday, not sure where I stand as of today.  This is probably an appropriate time to admit that I'm only checking and reporting this up until week 38.  Any weight gained after 38 weeks will be considered by you, me, and the baby to be either his weight or just water weight. Ok? Cool.  
Best moments this week: Oh, the simple things.  Apparently that's an underlying theme this week.  The last few days were low key.  I enjoyed a lot of knitting (apparently, the impending fall is getting me excited to knit), dinner with friends one night, and a great lunch with girlfriends today.  It was another question/answer session over food to help me prep.
Miss anything? No specific cravings although I could totally go for a day without back pain, a nice glass of wine with a plate of sushi, and 7 hours of sleep on my stomach.   
Movement: Yup!  Baby boy Sinks does a nice job of checking in with mommy :)
Pregnancy symptoms: Well, I'm getting bigger.  Sometimes at night my belly moves in odd ways.  And my short term memory is highly questionable.  
Maternity clothes? This week I wore a combination of my regular clothes and the new maternity items my mother-in-law purchased.  It was the first time in about two months that I wore pants other than jeans.   

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