Saturday, August 18, 2012

24 Weeks

Baby boy Sinks says hi! 

How far along? 24 weeks/6 months!  Somehow saying 6 months seems even further along.
What's on the canvas?  In an attempt to better organize my yarn, I pulled out every skein of blue yarn I own and collected them into one bag.  This way I can better identify options for hats, bibs, and other fun baby boy items.  (Clearly I have a lot more organizing to do if I've only sorted one color.)  During the process of organizing, I decided I wanted to use yarn for this week and thought the ombre effect would show up nicely.  
Weight gain: +9 but hovering close to the +10 mark.  
Best moments this week: Friday night Alan finished his last exam and with that, his degree is complete.  We had a very simple celebration at home with pizza and a present to mark the occasion.  
Miss anything?  Nothing specific this week.  
Movement: Yes!  Baby must still have a good amount of room.  I am carrying very low so the little kicks and punches are consistently low.  I can't recall anything above my belly button.  Hopefully this baby realizes that while he can stay low in my belly, he can't come out for awhile.   
Pregnancy symptoms: Woah momma my back was killing me this week.  It wasn't until Wednesday or Thursday that I started to feel some relief.  I've also been having some wildly vivid dreams.  One dream consisted of me having a c-section where the doctors put me totally to sleep.  Then we forgot to circumcise the baby and I forgot to breast feed until the baby was five days old.  I guess I have a fear of forgetting.  Luckily in real life I make a lot of lists and keep them handy.  
Maternity clothes: I bought a new pink shirt from Target this week and my mother-in-law did some special shopping for me.  My favorite is likely to be the grey leggings she found.  I can't wait to enjoy those in the fall; and by enjoy I mean wear at least once a week from September through November until I put a hole in them or spill too many remnants of my lunch.  

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