Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Life :: Months 3 & 4

My Project Life binder has been coming along.  I'm really pleased with the format of this and how well it shows off events from this year.  Even Alan stopped me to look through the photos and we marveled about the changes in Addison.  This has been a wonderful way to look back through 2012 and see how much we have done. 

In case you missed it, months 1 & 2 can be viewed here.  Months 3 & 4 are below, starting with a St. Patrick's Day party in March....  

The spread for Kelly & Brad's wedding turned out really cool.  I had six 4x6 photos and two of them I cut to fit the 3x4 middle pockets.  I also added Thickers in our initials to add a little more detail to the page.
The end of March/beginning of April spread is probably my favorite of all.  I love the pictures of Alan and Addison on the left.  But even more so, I love the spread about our pregnancy.  In April I thought I had the flu, turns out I was pregnant and didn't realize it.  We had been trying (or at least not preventing anything) for a couple of months but it was still a huge shocker for me when it actually happened.  For some fun deets on how I told Alan, check out this post

The drink in the upper right hand corner is a special sick drink concoction - lots of ice + ginger ale + pedialyte.  My mom poured it into a wine glass for me because everything tastes better in a party glass.  Or at least that is our rule!  The bottom left photo is pretty self explanatory.  I took one test and we have kept it tucked away in the linen closet.  I'm thinking of putting it in the baby's album to really freak out our son in a few years.  And then the tulips on the right were from my parents (my mom and I love tulips). 

I think back to April and how nervous/excited I was.  Alan was his usual - happy, nerves of steel, and ready to tell everyone.  I think I can say the same about us today.  At more than 8 months pregnant with the delivery date getting ever closer, I'm a tangle of nervous/excited emotions.  Alan remains happy but very calm.  Sometimes it's annoying just how calm he can be and then sometimes I realize how perfect it is and how much I need that aspect of him. 
And of course, I just had to include a page for Mackenzie.  One of the problems of going backwards with Project Life is that I've printed all the photos I'd like to use, and now am having to fit them into the layout.  It's worked surprisingly well but the project works much better to "do it as it happens."  So this page was a variety pack of Mackenzie photos to help me fill the page.  Of course, she is our first little faucet and deserves some credit!

In case you are curious, I'm using the Clementine Project Life core kit; the big variety pack of photo pocket pages; Thickers; Fiskars corner punch; and washi tape from Target (sorry I couldn't find it online).    

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