Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn All Over

In case I haven't mentioned this enough already, I love autumn.  One of the spectacular parts of living in DC is that we do get to enjoy the change in seasons - all four of them.  Autumn is that special transition, that preparation for the winter and holiday season.  Those days to slow down just a bit and recognize the change to something different.  Oh and of course, the chance to wear boots.    
It is Autumn all over our house.  There are candles, gourds, and pumpkins galore.  I love it.  My husband tolerates it.  Mackenzie and the baby are oblivious.  But this is my jam.  I love decorating and making a house a home.  I love the opportunity to make our place look and feel a little different. 

As a side note, this candy dish was full of really cute autumn colored M&Ms (pretzel and peanut butter flavored).  But I heard they have a short shelf life and had to work hard to eat them up.  Also, I could not leave Target without this tissue box.  Seriously.  Even our bathroom had to succumb to some Autumn decor because those foxes are just the cutest thing ever. 

Probably my favorite of the bunch - these pumpkins work perfectly on a skinny serving tray I have.  I typically use this for nuts or candies (or a combination) but the mini-pumpkins worked perfectly and lined up nicely.  Happy Autumn!! 


  1. how stinkin' cute!! i have yet to fully decorate for autumn. my little man wants all of the hallowe'en stuff out (which i now have to fix because of a big wind storm we had a couple of nights ago lol)... i think i need to get myself some cute little pumpkins :)

  2. yes definitely!! i guess one of the nice things about living in a small space is that i don't need a lot to decorate. but the mini pumpkins totally stole my heart.

  3. I have a ghost that looks just like that one!! mine feels like wax and it lights up in different colors!!