Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Trouble with Tupperware

We live in a small condo, therefore we have a small kitchen.  We had waayyyy too much tupperware for our cabinets.  I think the trouble with tupperware is that the pieces somehow become like rabbits and then you have rabbit tupperware babies infiltrating.  Because the idea of spending money on quality tupperware isn't that exciting, we often saved the containers from various places: take out, deli meat resealable containers, and ones we swiped from our moms (sorry!).  This resulted in an amazing amount of tupperware rabbits and babies. 

It was obviously difficult to contain all that plastic.  So this became another nesting project.  I first pulled every piece of tupperware we had out of the cabinets, picked through them and only saved a few select pieces.  If you're anything like me, you likely have bottoms and tops that don't match.  Even if you don't want to spend the money on a tupperware upgrade, at least chuck what doesn't match up and give yourself a little more cabinetry breathing room. 
The result of picking through all that tupperware was a paper bag full of items that had to go.  
I purchased a Pyrex set at Target.  Now I don't have to worry about trying to match up tops and bottoms.  Additionally, these are glass containers that won't stain and are safer in the microwave.  Double win!  And my cabinets look much more organized. 
We did keep a few containers that we had from before but only what was in great shape and in sizes that we wanted., I had to keep the Talenti Gelato container.  And I might or might not have gotten a second container recently that I demolished in just a few days.

Our new Pyrex containers look sleek, clean, and colorful.  Plus they won't explode and take over more space.   
And just to prove we aren't hiding tupperware in cabinetry nooks and crannies.... 

Mixed in with all our old tupperware were some of our water bottles.  I cleared up a section of the cabinets to better hold those (upright and organized).  So much better!  
This nesting bug is proving to be very helpful.  Up next: I need to finish organizing my knitting (you can see the disorganization here) and of course the nursery still needs some lovin'.  

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