Sunday, September 9, 2012

27 Weeks

How far along?  27 weeks + 1 day 
What's on the canvas?  Oh you mean what's on the XL chocolate bar .... I used a little post it note again this week and adhered it to my #1 craving.  Seriously, this kid is going to come out asking for chocolate, watermelon, and Subway.  Those have been the three most consistent items in my diet.  At least one is healthy and a second is pretty fair.  I should note that there were two of these chocolate bars on Saturday.  One did not survive the weekend but I did have help!   
Weight gain:  It was around +12 but I haven't checked lately.  My hand has been in the cookie jar so much lately that I'm a little afraid.  Ok I'm terrified of what number might pop up on the scale so I'm avoiding the whole thing.  The fear is actually more based on the fact that I know we still have 13 weeks to go and I don't even want to imagine how much more weight gain is about to happen.  I've tried to be really positive and not focus on the weight but let's be honest, this is a big change and the idea of taking the weight back off in the near future is a little intimidating.  
Best moments this week: Lots of family time this weekend :: I saw my parents on Saturday and Sunday; we saw Alan's dad one more time before he had to head back to Afghanistan; and we got some fun time with Addison (our niece).  Plus UVA had a nail biting win against Penn State and I got to see a good portion of the game. 
*Side note, we don't have cable which means we don't have any channels.  This was a cost saver for us and we're well into two years of the arrangement but it makes football watching a little tricky. 
Miss anything? Runny eggs - I had a bit of a craving for them this morning 
Movement: Yes, and I think this little guy is nicely spread out in there.  I often feel (and see) movement on the right side of my belly button and then in quick succession, the left side.  I imagine he has his arms wide open and is shaking his little fists around.    
Pregnancy symptoms: Bigger + forgetfulness + a tendency to get teary eyed over nothing
Maternity clothes: Bought one new shirt this week - a pretty purple short sleeved top.  Maybe I'll give you a bit of a tour through my maternity clothes for fun.  The shirt in this week's photos is clearly not a maternity one.  Or maybe you could already tell since it's screaming at the seams?  For a fun look back, you can see me in this same shirt here at 15 weeks.   

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