Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

The last few weeks have held an incredible amount of excitement for my family.  My parents sold their home and officially moved down to Williamsburg.  My dad celebrated his birthday with some moving of furniture and a rushed dinner at his favorite restaurant.  Aidan turned five months and to celebrate, we signed a contract on a townhouse which will provide us with more space and an actual bedroom for Aidan.

So things have been busy wild.

But before we move too far forward, I have to say a little something about my dad.  Just like the birthday post about my mom, my dad has taught me some very important lessons in life.  My dad has taught me that no one will watch your money like you do.  Maybe more importantly, my dad taught me how to tie my shoe laces, ride a bike, and cook taylor pork roll.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and find that sketchy looking package of meat by the eggs and fry some up.

My dad also taught me valuable lessons about what not to do.  Like not smoking cigarettes, refusing to teach me how to spit, and that it's ok to not cut your hair even if society expects it (yup, my pops had long-ish hair and according to my mom it looked really handsome).  

Happy birthday dad.  I hope this is a wonderfully special year for you.  
love bug      


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