Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom has taught me some very valuable life lessons but my favorite of all is about cake.  You see, the McClellan women love chocolate.  To us chocolate is a beautiful thing and something to be enjoyed.  It's not sinfully delicious, it's just delicious. 

So the lesson is not to enjoy chocolate.  The life lesson is to enjoy cake at any time during the day.  Even breakfast.  But if you do, don't tell any of your classmates (or co-workers and maybe not even your spouse).  Because if you do tell your classmate and she just so happens to be doing a class survey, then your whole class will know that you were the only one to have cake for breakfast.  

Mom, I hope that you will continue to teach me important life lessons that I can pass on to my son.  I hope that you know how much I appreciate everything you have taught me.  I hope this birthday as a daughter, wife, mom, and now grandmother is special.  Above all, I hope you get some chocolate cake and if you eat it for breakfast, your secret is safe with me.  

Happy birthday mom! 

xo, bug 

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