Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lately ...

I've been neglectful over the last few weeks.  It wasn't intentional.  It's just that a lot happened and I let it all happen without writing.  The thoughts and words have all been there.  I've made lists and had ideas about what I wanted to write.  But rather than let them flow, I let them build up in my head.  Finally, I'm ready to discuss.  

First, let's call a spade a spade.  Work-life balance is like walking a tight rope that's on fire with a rabid dog on your back while holding a glass of wine.  These past three months of being back at work have been hard.  Really hard.  I have worked more weekends than I care to think about.  I'm not over the hump and I certainly have no idea how to balance on the tight rope, but I'm trying.  

So now it's time for the good stuff :: we bought a townhouse.  Hot damn.  
    We (ok, ok it was really all me complaining) hit a wall and realized that 857 sq. ft. was not cutting it.  So we got our butts in gear, bid on three places and got the lucky third.  We are upgrading from a one bedroom condo to a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse with a garage.  If I sound like I'm bragging, I am.  I honestly peed a little just thinking about having more than 2,000 sq. ft.  

We've also done quite a bit of running around to see friends and family.  
 This is true life right here ... this man is a stud and refuses to make more than one trip from the car to the condo.  I was laughing so hard when I took this photo that I'm shocked it isn't blurry.  This right here is one thing we will NOT miss when we have that garage in the townhouse.   

We have learned a few lessons with all our travel to see friends.  Like the fact that we will drive at any hour of the morning or night just to avoid melt downs like this one.  Not only is my husband a pack mule (see photo above) but he is also a champion night driver.  Good thing because we've had to rely on that skill a few times over including a five hour drive from NYC back to DC.  We have also learned the value of GPS (priceless when it is correct, terrorizing when it is wrong).  And even better, the value of a NYC cop giving us directions.

And now we have entered summer.  The best of the best is here.  Until further notice, we are celebrating everything.  I suggest you do the same.    


  1. hurrah! congratulations!!! what wonderful news! having all of that extra space will be amazing! of course, i bet you'll fill it faster than you thought possible. haha kids somehow need so. much. crap. lol! i am so happy for you!!
    your little man looks so sad :( i would drive any hour of the night for sure for that little face. xo
    wishing you well in your move. i can't wait to hear all about it!
    xoxo happy dance! toasting you a big glass of wine. xo