Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feed me!

This child loves food.  We started solid foods a couple months ago and Aidan has yet to dislike something.  From fruits to veggies and now meats and cheese, he has yet to show signs of a picky eater.  May he always be this way. 

We started with apples, then carrots, and progressed from there.  Mostly because we are cheap, plus a little because we are health conscious, we have made all of his baby food.  The clean up is the hardest part.  Seriously, making baby food is such an easy process.  For example: buy a bag of frozen mangoes at Target.  Let them thaw a bit.  Toss them into the food processor.  Puree.  Spoon your baby food into ice trays and freeze.  Next day you have easy to grab cubes of baby food.       
 Aidan loves raspberries so much, he had to smear them all over his face.  Love him.  
Sometimes we get the skeptical look but we just charge ahead.  The first couple bites always look the most questionable but he typically finishes what we cook up.  Now that he is closing in on 9 months (yikes, I can't believe it's true), we're working on more and more finger foods.  He loves to serve himself.  Now if only his hand/mouth coordination were a little more consistent.  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Manifesto

 This weekend we introduced Aidan to the pool.  He loved it.  Or more accurately, he was totally skeptical for the first five minutes and then frowned for a while and finally just chilled. 
 Don't mind that construction in the background.  Clearly something is structurally wrong and we stayed on the safe side of the pool.  

How much do you love those chubby fat rolls?  Honestly, I'm amazed our kid doesn't looks like a vampire attacked.  Aside from his laugh, Aidan's chubster rolls are the bees knees.   
 For fun, we gave the bebe a new look.  I am so pumped to try fun styles with his hair as it comes in more.  You can't really tell this in photos but he has this one long strand that is the last bit of baby hair.  It is both adorable and weird at the same time.  It's way too long and hard to get it placed so that it doesn't look odd.  And yet I cannot possibly bring myself to cut it.   
This is the face of a happy baby.  It is also the face of a baby who ten minutes after this photo, laid down to take a solid two hour nap.  You can now find us at the pool every Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe weekdays as well.  

Our pool time today made me realize that summer is nearly here.  Sure, it isn't officially summer until almost the end of June.  But those are just details my friend.  It's time to enjoy our warm weather.  It's time to capitalize on the summer months.  I love a good list so here is our summer manifesto.  This is my way to (hopefully) hit on all our favorite summer activities along with some new special ones.  So here we go: 

1. Introduce Aidan to the pool (done!). 
2. Eat lots of watermelon.  Lots and lots.  
3. Introduce Aidan to watermelon and let him eat lots of watermelon with us.
4. Read a great book (just started Unbroken and I can tell it's a good one).
5. Take our annual beach vacation! 
6. Move into our new home.
7. Throw an ice cream party. 
8. Take lots of family walks & family runs as well.  
9. Try 3 new drinks. 
10. Host game night with friends.  

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lately ...

I've been neglectful over the last few weeks.  It wasn't intentional.  It's just that a lot happened and I let it all happen without writing.  The thoughts and words have all been there.  I've made lists and had ideas about what I wanted to write.  But rather than let them flow, I let them build up in my head.  Finally, I'm ready to discuss.  

First, let's call a spade a spade.  Work-life balance is like walking a tight rope that's on fire with a rabid dog on your back while holding a glass of wine.  These past three months of being back at work have been hard.  Really hard.  I have worked more weekends than I care to think about.  I'm not over the hump and I certainly have no idea how to balance on the tight rope, but I'm trying.  

So now it's time for the good stuff :: we bought a townhouse.  Hot damn.  
    We (ok, ok it was really all me complaining) hit a wall and realized that 857 sq. ft. was not cutting it.  So we got our butts in gear, bid on three places and got the lucky third.  We are upgrading from a one bedroom condo to a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath townhouse with a garage.  If I sound like I'm bragging, I am.  I honestly peed a little just thinking about having more than 2,000 sq. ft.  

We've also done quite a bit of running around to see friends and family.  
 This is true life right here ... this man is a stud and refuses to make more than one trip from the car to the condo.  I was laughing so hard when I took this photo that I'm shocked it isn't blurry.  This right here is one thing we will NOT miss when we have that garage in the townhouse.   

We have learned a few lessons with all our travel to see friends.  Like the fact that we will drive at any hour of the morning or night just to avoid melt downs like this one.  Not only is my husband a pack mule (see photo above) but he is also a champion night driver.  Good thing because we've had to rely on that skill a few times over including a five hour drive from NYC back to DC.  We have also learned the value of GPS (priceless when it is correct, terrorizing when it is wrong).  And even better, the value of a NYC cop giving us directions.

And now we have entered summer.  The best of the best is here.  Until further notice, we are celebrating everything.  I suggest you do the same.    

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

The last few weeks have held an incredible amount of excitement for my family.  My parents sold their home and officially moved down to Williamsburg.  My dad celebrated his birthday with some moving of furniture and a rushed dinner at his favorite restaurant.  Aidan turned five months and to celebrate, we signed a contract on a townhouse which will provide us with more space and an actual bedroom for Aidan.

So things have been busy wild.

But before we move too far forward, I have to say a little something about my dad.  Just like the birthday post about my mom, my dad has taught me some very important lessons in life.  My dad has taught me that no one will watch your money like you do.  Maybe more importantly, my dad taught me how to tie my shoe laces, ride a bike, and cook taylor pork roll.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and find that sketchy looking package of meat by the eggs and fry some up.

My dad also taught me valuable lessons about what not to do.  Like not smoking cigarettes, refusing to teach me how to spit, and that it's ok to not cut your hair even if society expects it (yup, my pops had long-ish hair and according to my mom it looked really handsome).  

Happy birthday dad.  I hope this is a wonderfully special year for you.  
love bug