Monday, January 21, 2013

Happiness is....

....organized bookshelves.  I feel as though my maternity leave has comprised of nursing, diapering, cleaning, and organizing.  Oh and a few Target runs because I can't stay out of that place.

Since we live in a small space (857 square feet) some of our storage has to go vertical.  Enter these beauties.  Our Crate & Barrel bookshelves are nice and sleek.  They hold a serious amount of books (we clearly have a lot considering this is only about half of them) and don't take up much space.  Crucial.  However, the shelves had gotten a bit overrun.... 
So step one ... remove every item from the shelves and pretend like they were brand new. 
Step two .... admit to myself that we own a crap load of books and don't need to buy any more.  Hello library card! 
Step three .... reorganize all the books, chuck a few, and decide how to better display everything.  

Step four .... with plan in hand, color coordinate the books and use glass as the common denominator on nearly every shelf.  You'll notice that almost every shelf has something glass (some pieces smaller than others) but it is a nice way to continue a "theme."  
I love the color coordination of the books and my favorite items are better displayed now.  Or at least I think so.  Alan couldn't tell the difference but he was probably distracted.  Best of all, the DVD case that holds our wedding photos is displayed properly.  

So maybe this post should be more like "happiness is color coordinated books" or "keep happy memories vivid."  Either way, I'm totally happy with the result!

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  1. Cady, I do not know if you know if you know Target DOES NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!! known fact...drop the store.....