Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 56

Aidan's weight: I'd guess roughly 11 pounds.
Aidan's height: Not sure how much he's grown since his one month appointment but I can say that most of his height is in his torso.  Future swimmer?
Diaper usage: We're averaging around 10 diapers a day - one or two for the big business, the other eight or nine for regular business. 
Breastfeeding: Still going great.  Aidan has started snorting when he wants to eat.  Piggy. 
Favorite product: Lately I've been melting over anything striped.  Seriously, I'm like an ice cube on the pavement in August.  I'm loving the stripe action so much, I've been doubling down.  Some days it's a striped shirt and socks, other days striped pants and socks.   
Sleep deprivation: We've gotten into a groove where Aidan goes to bed around 9 pm, nurses at some time between 1 and 2 am and then again between 4 and 5 am.  Waking up twice in the night is infinity better than three times a night.  
Biological warfare: One word for you :: NAILS!  Seriously, those suckers grow into talons over night and can be classified as a close combat tactic.  Scary stuff.  Oh, and I'm just as terrified to trim his nails as I am of getting cut up by them.  
Movement: Still have the bobble head but his neck is getting stronger! 
Best moments this week: Thursday morning Aidan and I had our own little conversation.  Lots of cooing and smiling by both of us.  
Cutest Aidan feature: Those blue eyes and long lashes.  I'm turning into that odd mom who just stares at her child.  You can talk about me later but just let me enjoy this.     

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