Thursday, October 25, 2012

On & Off the Needles

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. 
-Julia Child 

A few years ago when my roommate taught me how to knit, something clicked.  I've always been a bit high strung so for me, knitting is as relaxing as yoga.  I love the counting and the very methodical process of knitting.  I love finding new projects, feeling out new yarn, and I find the cast on (start) just as enjoyable as the bind off (end).

Knitting has become as much a part of me as my extremely loud laugh or my tiny feet.  This is something that I think about often, plan time for, and am tremendously interested in.   Because knitting is one of my passions, I wanted to share some of my current projects.    Right now I have a few on and just barely off the needles.

Above, is the red gauge swatch for a hat that I will knit for the baby.  With his birthday close to Christmas, I thought it would be fun to get pictures of him in the red cap possibly under the Christmas tree.  I have lots of ideas and my mom doesn't realize this, but I'm going to need her help (thanks in advance!).  

Below are two pieces of an up cycled tote I'm working on.  I sped through these pieces despite the tiny size four needles.  All along I've taken issue with the striped piece.  Something about it just wasn't fitting my vision for the bag.  I think I've discovered the solution which means double the work but could turn out to be awesome.  Let's think positive on that one....     
Below on the left is the bottom half of a baby sweater, to the right is my ever-expanding gauge swatch.  It took a few needle sizes to get that puppy right.  I actually finished the bottom half of this sweater months ago but had to hold it aside until I got the mosaic gauge section to measure correctly.  This is another sweater where my teacher Debra Lee has designed the pattern. 
Below is a sweater I've knitted for the baby.  This will be more like a toddler size but one day he will look so sweet in this.  Maybe with some dark pants and a button down shirt.  He'd be a little man!  This sweater is very close to completion - just need to sew up the arms, sides and complete the neck lining. 
This light blue sweater is from one of the Sublime pattern books.   All that is left is to sew on bright colored buttons and sew in the threads.  
And lastly, I mentioned this sweater way back when.  This is the completed project just waiting to be blocked.  I'm hoping that I can squeeze my way into this in January February.  
For anyone just getting started, here are the items I recommend having on hand.  The yarns I use vary from Paton's to Mission Falls to Sublime Cotton.  The patterns and books I use range from Sublime and Debbie Bliss to Jane Richmond and Debra Lee.  Any questions or recommendations on a fun pattern?  Let me know - I love to talk knitting!!  

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