Sunday, October 28, 2012

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks // 8.5 months
What's on the canvas? Do I look sufficiently pathetic in this picture?  I had a plan in place to make a running man and put that on the canvas this week in celebration of the Marine Corps Marathon.  Unfortunately, this cold is kind of calling the shots right now.  I was feeling much better yesterday but today I think my energy is at a serious low.  Trying to just rest up and get better.  Hopefully another day this week I can do something a bit more creative than my silly hand signals.  
Weight gain: +24 
Best moments this week: My cold this week has been one of those deals where your face gets all clogged up and you turn into a weird mouth breather.  So needless to say, I didn't have much of a social life going on during the week.  Alan treated me to some special ice cream on Thursday after knitting, Saturday was packed with seeing friends and running errands, and Sunday has involved a lot of sofa laying around and waiting for this massive storm to hit.  
Miss anything? Nothing specific this week.  I guess this means I've adapted to life without sushi and wine. 
Movement: Yup!  He's still tickling my side with his little feet and I felt hiccups a couple times.  
Pregnancy symptoms:  I'm convinced that pregnant women waddle because their back and hips hurt so much.  Every time I stand up from my desk chair (usually to walk to the bathroom) it takes me about five steps to work out the kinks.  Another symptom is just the simple growth of this belly.  I love it, I'm happy and everything indicates that the baby is healthy but people are starting to give me that amazed/nervous look.  You know the one where they are concerned child birth might begin at any moment.  Maybe someone could let them know this little boy needs to grow a little more before he enters our world.   

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