Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I splurged on maternity jeans

7 for All Mankind maternity jeans
It's more than a little ironic that I'm writing this post from the beach considering that I wore my nice, new maternity jeans on the trip down and have since chucked them in favor of bathing suits and dresses.  That aside, I bought maternity jeans two weeks ago.  My search for wearable jeans began at Motherhood Maternity where I found a pair for $45.  I like the color and the price was great.  They also fit my criteria: work appropriate (we enjoy casual Fridays) and cute enough for weekend wear. 

Of course, they were a size too big.  I can't accept a saggy butt when I feel awkwardly fat already.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the size I needed so I settled for the $40 pair that were just ok.  

My next stop was A Pea in the Pod where I quickly realized things would get expensive.  Adorable, white cut off designer jean shorts were $175 and the sales associate thought for sure I'd love them.  I never tried them on for fear that she'd be right. 

I've worn 7s and Citizens since college and always loved the look and feel.  Plus, jeans that can last more than five years despite weekly wear are fabulous jeans.  A Pea in the Pod had the perfect wash, length, fit, and my butt did not look a bit saggy.  I was sold and the earlier pair of jeans were later returned.  They were a big splurge but worth the investment to wear something fabulous every week.  And I don't have to worry about them being out of style for baby #2. 

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