Saturday, June 30, 2012

17 Weeks - Wahoowa!

How far along? 17 weeks 
What's on the canvas?  A knitted bib in UVA colors.  Over the last couple of weeks, UVA has gone through a lot - our President was dismissed, protests ensued, and then the President was reinstated.  I've only read a handful of articles and emails about what happened so I honestly don't want to get into the politics that took place in Charlottesville. Bottom line, I am a 'Hoo and I love my school.  This week was simply to show my support.
Weight gain: Started at 125 and up 5 lbs. 
Best moments this week: Heard the baby's heartbeat at my appointment on Wednesday - in fact, the doctor even pointed out noises that indicated the baby's movement.  Thursday evening I hit the beach with my parents and Mackenzie.  Alan will be joining us on Tuesday for the rest of the July 4th holiday - love being down here!   
Movement: I have felt what I think is movement a couple times while laying flat on my back.  I seem to have more luck feeling little pokes first thing in the morning. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Getting bigger + sensitive gums.  After spending the first trimester chewing solely on the right side of my mouth, I can now successfully eat on both sides.  However, brushing my teeth is often like a crime scene.  
Maternity clothing: The shorts I'm wearing in these pictures are maternity but tops and dresses are my normal clothes. 

PS - Can you see the puppy in the glass door?  That would be our first baby Mackenzie.  

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