Friday, June 29, 2012

Nursery Planning

Pinterest has, of course, been a great site for nursery room inspiration.  For any friends that have visited our place and are curious, yup, we're staying in the condo.  The one bedroom condo.  We will be converting the dining room (an interior room) into the nursery.  There are a lot of reasons we've chosen to stay in the condo but the two biggest are (1) commute and (2) DC housing costs.  So this means creative planning.  The dining room the nursery, needs to be painted a neutral color and the furniture in the room needs to be absolutely functional.  

We've decided to go with grey paint, white furniture and then pops of pink or blue.  I would like to incorporate photos and special pieces from our own childhoods.  I'd love to incorporate some of the aspects of each of these photos - the name on the wall, the changing table and mirror, and lastly the special pieces hanging on the rack.  

All of the photos were pulled from pinterest - please let me know if you are on pinterest!  I love finding cute ideas from friends. 

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