Sunday, July 8, 2012

18 Weeks

How far along?  18 weeks & 1 day
What's on the canvas?  For the past week and a half I was on a nice, long vacation at the beach.  The starfish is a representation of the break.  
Weight gain: After having cookies almost every night, I'm not sure I want to know right now.  At least the cookies were fantastic :)
Best moments this week: Vacation!
Miss anything?  Honestly, no but I got a bit frustrated by the need to limit seafood.  Seriously, this pregnancy is reminiscent of the Hunger Games; everything seems to revolve around food that I can and cannot eat, the quantity I can eat, and how it has to be prepared.    
Movement?  Yes!!  This past week, each morning (usually after breakfast) I'd sit on the sofa with my feet up and wait.  The fun would usually take a few minutes but produce some consistent little pops.  Usually one or two little pops would result in a strong movement.  Alan still hasn't been able to feel anything.  I'd love for him to but the baby seems to hide every time.
Pregnancy Symptoms: Getting bigger is the main one :)
Maternity clothes?  Here I'm wearing my jeans and one of the tops I purchased.  Haven't done any more shopping since my first trip.

PS - These photos were taken in our dining room which is in a serious state of flux.  Today Alan and our brother-in-law removed all the dining room furniture and picked up our crib.  Wednesday the dresser is being delivered and what's left of our dining room will be in the past.  Preparation for baby has commenced!

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