Saturday, June 2, 2012


This week we had a lot of action.  We had our 12 week appointment on Tuesday where we got to see the baby kicking like crazy.  And Wednesday night would have been a normal night with some shopping at Target, a simple dinner, and Alan's weekly soccer game until he took a kick to the face. 

Twenty minutes into normal game time I received a call from the coach/manager of the team telling me that Alan had taken a nasty hit, likely had a concussion, and had a cut on his forehead.  This did not prepare me for a very bloody and confused husband laying in the ER.  Alan's concussion was so intense that he could not remember the pregnancy.  It was a  very worrying moment.  Luckily Alan's mom was a huge help to both of us that night and the hospital staff were fantastically helpful (minus the part when they lost my insurance card).  

The one aspect of Alan's injury that was oddly convenient: he was taken to the same hospital where I had a sonogram Thursday morning.   In fact, the photos above are about 14 hours after his injury and just moments after the sonogram.  Unfortunately, Alan was not released in time to see the sonogram but his mom was with me.  Although Alan missed the sonogram, he did wake up Thursday morning remembering everything about the pregnancy. Rest really is some good medicine.  

Some deets:

How did you tell Alan?  While Alan was at the gym on night and had was on day two of the flu, I took a pregnancy test.  My mother-in-law had jokingly, but seriously, asked if I might be pregnant that day when my flu symptoms weren't subsiding.  I took the test fully expecting it to be another let down.  Instead it was an eye popping moment of "woah, am I going to survive this?!"  I called Alan to come home and he was immediately excited.  

How did you tell your family?  We called my parents to tell them the big news.  My parents came over the next day to congratulate me and bring flowers.  The same night we found out, we headed over to Alan's parent's house to see them and his sister Jessica.  It was Jessica's birthday so we used that for our not-so-sneaky announcement.  The card for her birthday was addressed to aunt rather than sister.  It was a fun little surprise moment.  

Why did you start the blog?  I love the idea of tracking our pregnancy and having photos to look back on.  Plus I wanted something to share with family and friends - this seemed like the best way to accomplish all of that. 

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