Wednesday, May 30, 2012

12 Weeks

What's with the blog name?  Our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have a little faucet.  It stuck. 
How far along?  12 weeks 1 day in the photo // 12 weeks 4 days as of this post (5.30.12)
What's on the canvas?  Since we were on a cruise over Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to celebrate week 12 by putting a boat on the canvas.  Yarn served for the single cloud and Alan created the sail for me out of a cereal box.  
Weight gain: Come on, we were on a cruise!  My saving grace was that we had to take the stairs everywhere.  Never weighed myself on the cruise so I don't truly know. 
Best moments of this week:  Only worked a three day week and then set off on our cruise!  The cruise was wonderfully relaxing.  We read a ton out on the deck (finished three books between the two of us), won money at the roulette table, and best of all toured the Mayan ruins of Tulum.  Best of all, Alan booked our entire trip so I never had to think about the details.  
Miss anything?  On the cruise we had all the food options I could ask for and plenty of lemonade (my most desired drink right now).  
Movement: Nothing yet but maybe in a couple weeks! 
Pregnancy symptoms: No cramping or bloating.  Sleep was fantastic, especially on the cruise.  My gums were feeling much better until the end of the cruise and sensitivity set back in.  On Saturday when we hit 12 weeks, I seriously felt like I had a lot more energy.  I managed to make it past 10 pm which I hadn't been able to do for weeks.  
Mood this week: Relaxed! 

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