Sunday, May 20, 2012

11 Weeks

What's with the blog name?  Our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have a little faucet.  It stuck.  
How far along?  11 weeks and 1 day! 
What's on the canvas?  This week I wanted to mix blue and pink.  I choose a pink & white striped paper, added the blue and brown buttons, and just had to have the little baby foot prints as a final touch.
Weight gain: Started at 125 and weighed in Friday night at just shy of 127.  Seems pretty normal so far which is good!
Best moments this week: We got to spend a lot of time eating and hanging out with friends and family.  My parents purchased the most fantastic anniversary cakes for us - yes, two.  Alan loves ice cream cake, while I love Victoria's cakes (an incredible baker located in Fairfax City, VA).  My mom treated us to both Saturday night.  Sunday morning we told our friends in the building over pancakes and that afternoon I told our very close family friends over a girls' lunch.  I'll be very happy to have our next doctor's appointment so that we can officially tell everyone! 
Miss anything?  Nope.  This week I ate lots of fruits and veggies that hit the spot.  Plus with Mexican food Saturday night topped with cake, how could I complain?  All week long I was craving cottage cheese which I got from my mom today - I'm set for tomorrow assuming I'll still want it.  
Still no real food aversions although Saturday night I hit a food speed bump.  I ordered a seafood burrito that in theory would have been fantastic.  The resulting taste was not at all what I wanted and I just couldn't eat it.  Huge props to my husband for letting me trade dinners. 
Movement: I've heard that around 12+ weeks you might be able to feel flutters.  Nothing yet, so the idea is still very exciting. 
Pregnancy symptoms: I no longer feel like a blotation device.  Around Tuesday of this week something seemed to change.  I woke up feeling better and just less puffy.  My gums still hurt in the same spot but not as badly.  Other than that, I feel totally comfortable and very excited that the first trimester, and the most worrisome part, is nearly over.  
Mood this week: Happy! (especially once I have a slice of cake tonight!) 

...and yes, I do have three colors of polish on my nails.  I was not even considering them when I picked out these clothes.  Fitting into my shorts was more exciting than matching. 

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