Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Weeks

What's with the blog name?  Our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have little faucets.  It stuck. 
How far along?  10 weeks - yay! 
What's on the canvas?  Pipe cleaners!  I had these fun sparkly ones that popped really nicely against the black paper.  I love the idea of texture on canvas.  The sparkle spoke to me this weekend. 
Weight gain: Started at 125.  Weighed in Wednesday at 126.2 and haven't taken my weight since.  Considering the donuts I had on Saturday morning and Mexican food Sunday night, it's safe to guess that another pound has been added. 
Best moments this week:  This weekend I did a ton of work around our condo.  Cleaned, decorated, bought some fun new pieces, and made a huge art piece for over the sofa.  Still working on it but I love it so far.  The five acrylic colors I choose have turned out beautifully so far.  We also had a mother's day dinner and I received very sweet cards from Alan and his mom.  
Miss anything?  This weekend I was missing some sushi.  BP - before pregnancy - we regularly did date nights on Friday night and it often involved Mexican or sushi.  
Movement:  Nothing yet and nothing for a bit longer.  The idea is very exciting though! 
Pregnancy symptoms:  Still dealing with swollen and sensitive gums.  Thought my hormones were more in check lately - Sunday afternoon killed that idea.  Got upset with the hubs, then got lost driving to an appointment, massive amounts of tears followed.  It's safe to say that pregnancy hormones are still going wild. 
Mood this week: Minus the tears on Sunday afternoon, still very happy! 

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