Saturday, May 12, 2012

9 Weeks

What's with the blog name?  Our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have a little faucet.  It stuck.  
How far along? 9 weeks! 
What's on the canvas?  I love to knit so the inspiration for this week's canvas was yarn.  It's a chunky yarn I used for a cowl neck scarf that I made last fall.  
Weight gain: Started at 125 and weighed in at the doctor's office on Wednesday at 126.2.
Best moments this week: 
*Heard the heart beat on Wednesday's nurse appointment.  She wasn't planning on checking for it but I was close to ten weeks along.  Sure enough, there it was!  Her first response: "It's a girl."  Heart beat was at 184 and the wives' tale is that the fast heart beats are for girls.  We'll see; we might just have an athletic one in there.    
*Friday night I told a close girlfriend about the pregnancy.  Huge smiles and big hugs.    
Miss anything?  Wine!  Friday night BBQ with friends and nice warm weather is the perfect setting for a nice chilled glass of wine.  Had to settle for a very large dessert instead.
Movement: Nothing yet but the idea is exciting. 
Pregnancy symptoms: Can't complain - no morning sickness, no more cramping, and sleep has been pretty solid.  Still feeling like a blotation device and my gums have been swollen in one area.  Such an odd pregnancy symptom.  
Mood this week: Happy!  

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