Tuesday, June 5, 2012

13 Weeks

The pregnant girl's version of a mimosa! 

How far along?  13 weeks & 1 day in the photo // 13 weeks & 3 days as of today's post.
What's on the canvas?  Over the weekend we were in Dewey Beach with Alan's family.  It was a nice but short family vacation.  Saturday night I taught the Sinks to play chicken foot.  It's a great game with dominos.  So for this week's post, I used the dominos as inspiration on the canvas. 
Weight gain: Typical female that I am, it's a bit up and down for the first trimester.  Started at 125, went up a couple pounds, checked in at the doctor's on Wednesday at 125.4. 
Best moments this week: I got to see the baby not once, but twice this week!  Had our regular 12 week appointment on Tuesday and the baby was kicking like crazy.  It was the wildest thing to see.  My dad even came to the appointment and was witness to our little soccer player.  Then of course our time at the beach.  
And last but not least, I felt a flutter!  Maybe this baby will love Mexican food as much as I do because I felt this unusual flutter sensation shortly after fish tacos.  
Miss anything: I had a sudden aversion to eggs this weekend but I can't say I really missed eating anything.  Since I can't have a mimosa, I created the pregnant girl's version - Ginger Ale + OJ.  It is incredibly similar and perfectly refreshing.  
Pregnancy symptoms: The Pregnancy Heavens must be looking out for me because I have been feeling fantastic and my painful gums seem to have subsided.  I do wonder if is the calm before the storm.  
Maternity clothes: Not yet but that's because I wear a dress almost every day.  I did have to purchase a new bikini with bigger sizes for both the top and bottom.  Might be about the same weight, but the shape is certainly changing.  

Just for fun, I wanted to include photos of me in regular jeans - probably for the last time until 2013. 

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