Saturday, June 9, 2012

14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks! 
What's on the canvas? Yarn again - This week the baby is the size of a lemon.  I ran with the opportunity to knit up a lemon.  
Weight gain: Who knows.  Somewhere between 125 and 130. 
Best moments this week: Friends, family, and fun times.   
Miss anything: Blue cheese - you'd be amazed how much blue cheese is incorporated into salads and entrees.  Or maybe you hate it and already realize this.  Not being able to eat various types of cheese has been challenging to work around.  Especially since I really, really like stinky cheese. 
Movement: Radio silence this week.  Hopefully I'll feel a flutter again. 
Pregnancy symptoms: The only real symptom lately has been expansion.  Before breakfast, I look like a slightly more plumb version of myself from three months ago.  By the end of day when I've tacked on three meals and some snacks, I often feel like I've expanded to the point where I must be carrying triplets.  The photos above are after dinner; I swear that two hours before the photo I looked smaller.   
Maternity clothes: Not yet.  Lots of dresses and I successfully jury-rigged my jeans for casual day at work Friday.  High five! 
Mood this week: A little more tired than usual but still happy! 
*What's with the blog name?  Our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have a little faucet.  It stuck. 


  1. You are SO cute! I love this blog.

    I may be wrong, but I am under the impression that as long as a cheese is made with pasturized milk, you can eat it. Pretty much all cheeses sold at the grocery store are safe under that standard. I would ask your OB. Check out the American Pregnancy Association website if you have a chance. Let me know if you learn otherwise.

  2. Thanks girl! Yes, my understanding is the same about pasturized milk. So next time I'm at the store, I'm going to check it out to see if there's some treats I can have that I thought I couldn't :)