Sunday, June 17, 2012

15 Weeks & Happy Father's Day

How far along?  15 weeks! Not sure why I feel like shouting this every time but each week seems more exciting. 
What's on the canvas?  I seem to vacillate between yarn and paper.  This week I wanted to do something with an apple to represent the size of the baby and paper was the best possibility.  I'm actually impressed that I was able to draw and cut out a fairly realistic apple.  If you are half way talented with drawing, please don't look too closely.  I also fell in love with this really cool houndstooth paper that I used for the background.  Don't be surprised if you see it again. 
Weight gain:  Started at 125, weighed in Saturday at 127. 
Best moments this week: This week was wildly hectic.  I had a work trip to Atlanta for three days, a party in our building on Thursday, and Father's Day brunch Sunday morning.  It always feels good to work so hard but enjoy time with friends and family.  
Miss anything?  I could definitely go for some sushi.  I've started referring to the baby as a birthday baby since the due date is about a week before my birthday.  So maybe for my birthday we could have sushi and a glass of wine.  Take out will work just fine :) 
Pregnancy Symptoms:  Honestly, I feel great and I just don't want to complain.  I'm so stupidly happy about this pregnancy and how well everything seems to be going that I don't want to tarnish anything.  That's not to say I feel perfect all the time.  Friday night I was so tired, I went to sleep at 7 pm only to wake up at 630 am.  My energy level definitely fluctuates and I have an off switch that seems to make its own decisions.  My gums are still a bit sensitive but doing better.  I've developed a fear of sneezing because it often hurts.  And lastly, I am locked into the roller coaster of emotions.  One minute I love my husband and want to spend time with him doing what got us here in the first place.  Then the next moment I am ticked about something and want to kick him in the place that got me here.  It's confusing for both of us. 
Movement: Thursday I was a bit stressed out (ok really frantic and panicky) wondering if I would ever be able to keep up with my work.  I leaned forward at my desk in "go mode" and felt something.  It was too low to be anything tummy related and in the right place for a possible baby movement.  Just the idea helped me relax more. 
Maternity clothes? Not yet but I'm looking forward to some maternity jeans.  
*What's with the blog name?  For anyone new to this; our last name is Sinks.  My manager asked me one day when we'd have a little faucet.  It stuck.  

Happy Father's Day!  Dad, I know you weren't too keen on having any rug rats.  I stole your heart on day one because you had it so wide open.  Thank you for everything.  You have taught me to work hard, love books, and to make good use of  colored paper clips.  Thank you setting such a wonderful example and for refusing that I carry any college debt.  I'm appreciative of this every day. 

Alan, you have learned from a wonderful father who has certainly taught you the importance of loyalty and sacrifice.  We will clearly need both in a few months when it's 2 am and we're dealing with a massive blow out and screaming infant.  You have been so wonderful to me, I can't wait to see how gentle and loving you are with our little nugget. 

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