Saturday, April 6, 2013

Addison's First Birthday Party

Don't mind the fact that Addison's birthday was more than a month ago.  I've finally had the chance to go through photos and post them.  So let's focus a little less on the chaos in my life and instead concentrate on this adorable little birthday girl.  Just looking back through Addison's birthday party pictures makes me want cake.  With fondant.  Jess, get on it.  
The lady bug theme of Addison's birthday party was totally adorable.  I wish it were acceptable for adults to wear tutus and polka dot leggings.  Maybe for my next birthday...  

This is Addison's blue steel look.  I'm pretty sure she's throwing me some eyebrow attitude in this photo.  Watch out Tierra.  

Obviously when you get presents at your birthday party, you should stand on them.  This cradle was hand made by Mr. Sinks (HAND MADE!).  It was built to sustain a small child in addition to her baby doll.  
 After presents came the cake.  Unfortunately, we had more tears than actual cake smashing.  Clearly she is not my child.  Not to worry though.  Next year she is doing to dive right in.  And Addison's hesitation with the cake did not keep me away.  No ma'am. 
Happy birthday Miss Addison!  You are officially a walking, babbling, non-cake eating one year old!  

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