Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter baby

 At four months, Aidan didn't really get the whole Easter basket thing.  I guess he didn't realize I searched all around for his own special basket (Etsy, Target, and Pottery Barn is a pretty extensive search for me).  When we presented him his basket, he promptly swatted it, knocking the basket over and spilling out most of the contents.  Honestly I didn't realize he had this much hand-eye coordination.  Maybe I should be more impressed.     

Sad bunny.  Not so sad Aidan.

Maybe he wasn't that impressed because I'm so practical when it comes to gift giving for an infant.  There are some really adorable toys out there for babies/kiddos but let's face it, a four month old doesn't need much.  So this Easter was all business.  I packed his little bunny basket (which is really more felt tote than basket) full of teething toys.  Based on the amount of drool spilling out of our kid, it's possible he sprouts a full set of chompers any day. 

Aside from Aidan's attempted destruction of both his shirt sleeve, which he tried to eat, and his Easter basket, we had a really nice dinner with my parents.  I can't say my mom's future as a photographer is particularly bright, but at least we got a semi-decent shot of our little family. 
    And as one of our fortune cookies stated :: Buy things because you need them, not because they are on sale.  

Clearly this is a sign to go shopping.  Thank you Peking Gourmet. 

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