Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Addison!

Two years ago you were a hope.  A wish.  

Alan and I were with your parents when they found out the exciting news.  Suddenly, you were more than just a wish.  You became an addition.  A new, exciting addition to the family.  One that we knew nothing about but filled us all with so much anticipation. 
 One year ago you became a reality.  A tiny, little baby.  

Miss Addison you have changed our lives.  You have added so much joy and made this last year so very special.  Alan and I love being your aunt and uncle.  We love your little hugs, your crazy loud screams, and adorably fat hands.  We love hearing you say "dis" for everything.  We adore your smile and your silly copy cat laugh.  We love you.   
 One year ago you were a baby.  

This year you are a little girl.  A little girl with so many exciting discoveries ahead.  There will be more forts to mark as your own, more walking, more Oreo cookies to destroy.    
Miss Addison you are an incredible little child.  You have been such a beautiful addition to this family and we love you so deeply.  

Thank you for teaching us to smile despite boogers and stuffy noses.  Thank you for teaching us that blankets totally need extra tags.  Thank you for teaching Mackenzie that she is part horse and part dog.  Thank you for teaching us that furniture is so much more than just pieces of wood.  And thank you for confirming that Oreo cookies are clearly the best cookies. 

Happy birthday Addison!!  Dis is going to be a fun year! 

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  1. Please Aunt Cady give Addison a hug and love from Greatgramma. Give her birthday kisses and hopefully the cake will be everywhere!!!