Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 63

{click on the photo to better read the text}
Our little guy is two months!!  With his spiky hair, chubby cheeks, and striped shirts we like to think he is pretty dang cute.  Rumor has it that stripes are the most adorable thing to dress your child in.  That rumor was started by me because I love stripes.  I even wear them with Aidan (see evidence below). 
{Shopping for our new family vehicle.  Clearly Aidan was not impressed.}
People say that times moves too fast.  Rather than worry about it, I believe in taking a photo of our little guy every single day.  This way, every one of those moments has been captured.  And time can't move too quickly once it's captured in an iPhone, right?    

In case you were curious to compare his one month and one day photos, I've included them below.  You can see the original post here.    


  1. All three pictures look so different. It's truly amazing how fast they grow.

  2. yes! his face is really filling out :)