Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree is up!  I'm pretty sure we've spent all our money on the little guy so there will be all of maybe two presents under the tree this year (and they'll be diapers).  But who cares.  It's all about the spirit of Christmas and celebrating.

My mom helped me set up the tree and get ornaments on it.  But then I saw the gradient Christmas tree from Young House Love and I kinda flipped out a little.  I loved the idea and wanted to bust out of the house to buy boxes of new ornaments.  Instead, reality spoke to me in the form of my mom when she mentioned the word budget.  Lame times.   

So Monday night while Alan and I were eating dinner, I figured out a solution: use what I already had on hand!  (Keep in mind, processing ideas like this is harder when one is sleep deprived.)  I started with the white ornaments at the top, used gold in the middle and finished with red.  Not exactly an ombre effect but I love it.  Plus moving all the ornaments around to get the effect I wanted was similar to completing a puzzle.        
PS - that topper is a teddy bear that my dad purchased at the hospital when Aidan was born.  We use a white bear as the topper of my parent's tree as well - that bear was also purchased by my dad when I was born.  And to throw even more nostalgia at you, Aidan and I were born at the same hospital.  It's all about the tradition and family.  

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