Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 14

No, we do not take ourselves too seriously.  And yes, this is how we roll out of bed.  We're gearing up for Christmas and I really wanted to take a family photo.  Of course I had this ideal image of us all smiling for the camera with Aidan's eyes open.  We didn't quite get there.  Maybe next year. 

Stats for week two:

Aidan's weight: As of Monday he was up to 6 lbs, 11 oz and growing!
Aidan's height: Roughly 20 inches 
Diaper usage: About 10-12 diapers a day.  I swear he loves to get into a new diaper and immediately do his big business.  Often times this happens while I'm nursing him.  I'm amazed he manages to grow when everything that goes into his system seems to come right back out.  
Breastfeeding: Still going well although middle of the night feedings seem to be the most difficult for me.  Alan and I chatted about it at 4 am and came to the conclusion that this is because of a combination of being tired and just generally closer to a breaking point.  Luckily, my protruding bits have not fallen off like I thought they might so we continue the nursing process.  As a form of motivation, I also constantly remind myself that this burns up to 500 calories a day (which can total a pound a week), it's free, and it's working very well for Aidan.  
Favorite product: Our baby home cot has been awesome.  This is what we've been using for our bassinet and it has worked incredibly well.  It's easy to move around our condo, it can rock or remain stationary, and it can easily be broken down for transport.    
Sleep deprivation: This is getting a little better.  We've been smarter about going to bed after Aidan's 9/10 pm feeding and then trying to sleep in until his 7/8 am feeding.  This usually gives us about 6-8 hours of total sleep (too bad we can't string those hours all together).  
Biological warfare: We've now been peed on multiple times, gotten poop on our hands during diaper changes, and the tootie bootie is still very tootie.     
Movement: Lots of squirming around and he rolls a bit to one side.  Aidan has also been working on his neck muscles when we lay him on our stomach.   
Best moments this week: This week has been a lot of fun.  We've learned more about what Aidan needs and likes which helps our level of sanity.  My mom has been coming over to help with the baby and cleaning.  She and I have had some great lunches and short trips to the gym.  Plus this weekend Aidan's godfather came to visit and we had our first dinner out sans baby.  
Cutest Aidan feature: His eyes!  He is starting to keep his eyes open more and more.  His eyes are a deep blue almost purple color and they look like the kind of eyes you can get lost in. 
Pivotal moments: Aidan's belly button fell off!  On Monday at the doctor's office he peed when we removed his diaper, got his belly button wet and the doctor had to clean around it with alcohol.  By the time we left the doctor's office, it was just barely hanging on and fell off on Tuesday.  Aidan also had his first full on bath on Saturday.  He screamed and cried getting into the baby tub but quickly settled in and fell asleep.  He looked seriously laid back in the water.    

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  1. I was so glad when Matthew's belly button fell off, BATH TIME :) I saved it in a little bag :)!!