Monday, December 10, 2012

Happiness is....

.... a mile a day.  

I've been working my way up to a mile a day walk over the course of this past week.  If you follow me on Instagram (@cady14) you'll recognize these photos of my recent walks.  This is more about me getting up and out of the house than it is about working out.  

Aidan has been pretty consistent about feeding every 2-3 hours and he eats for about 30-40 minutes a feeding.  This leaves me a block of about an hour to get dressed for the gym, get downstairs (there is a gym on the main floor of our condo building), and get in a 30 minute walk.  It's a slow walk - again, not trying to train for any races here but I am trying to get up and moving.  

The walk sets part of the structure of our day and since endorphins make you happy, I'm on board to take in a little extra happiness.  

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