Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nursery Progress

Honestly, I'm a little nervous about sharing our nursery room progress.  Right now things look a lot more like a disaster zone than a room fit for a baby.  But when Mackenzie laid down and looked all cute, I figured maybe you'd focus on her and not the mess.

So here we go... The room is definitely starting to fill out.  We have a few things that need to be hung including a shelf and frames.  In the process of trying to decide what to hang and where, we've nixed a couple of items.  Alan really subscribes to the less is more mantra while I tend to fall somewhere in between less is more but maybe more is more.  We did agree that a few things had to be cut out so our hanging process slowed and won't resume until after the weekend (we're heading out of town).  

At least from this shot you can see we have the rug!  This was an awesome bargain from Home Goods that I scored last weekend while shopping with my mom.  I knew I wanted something grey, something similar to shag, and it definitely had to be soft.    
Yes, as of right now the crib is acting as a holding cell for clothes and blankets.  It's actually incredibly convenient.  Most of the clothing will go into one of the two dressers while the blankets will be stored in the blue iron buckets I purchased (also from Home Goods) - you can kind of see them in the back holding stuffed animals.  Since there are two buckets, one will contain toys/animals and the second will hold blankets.  
From this angle you can see tools, the shelf, and my incredible diaper bag!  One of my best friends sent it to me complete with my monogram.  I loved the look on line but actually having it at home is so exciting.  I seriously love a great bag.  Would it be inappropriate to start using it now?  You know, for practice.  
The other night when Alan was working away on the shelving, I had to get a picture of him. I just thought it was so cute.  I seriously cannot wait to see him with our son.  I think they are going to be a really sweet pair. 
The shelving is still not up - again, this is partly because we couldn't decide on how much to put on the walls and had to tone it all down a notch.  Now that I think we have a plan, we'll hit it on Monday.  

While we were in the midst of shelf-decision-making-2012, Alan found out about this really cool trick to help find studs.  See that little V on the wall above the tape measurer?  That is a magnet (it's a flip flop) - for this trick you'll need a very strong magnet and my flip flop was up for the task.  Hold the magnet and lightly skim it across the wall, the magnet will hold to nails that have been used in the studs and thus tell you where the stud is.  Studs are usually 16 or 24 inches apart so I would recommend starting 16 inches from the corner and start your skimming in that position - you might have to go up and down to find the nail in the stud.  
Hopefully I didn't scare you off too much!  And good luck hanging if you use our little stud trick!


  1. Looking great! And no, not too early to use the diaper bag. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. Thanks Ronnie! I was using it last night but just for fun in the house :)