Sunday, November 11, 2012

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks + 1 day - I feel like the count down to the real show has finally begun.  Although I better be patient because who knows when this little guy will show up. 
Weight gain: +24 as of my last doctor appointment.  My next appointment is this coming Wednesday so we'll see what the scale has to say then.  
Best moments this week: This week has been nothing short of fantastic.  We did more work on the nursery (you can see some of that progress here), Wednesday my office threw a surprise baby shower for me, Thursday Alan's office had a baby shower and I was able to attend, Thursday night the knitting ladies in my group gave me NINE pairs of adorable booties, and this weekend we have been out of town visiting family and getting the final items we need for the nugget.  I am seriously amazed by how generous people have been.  Alan and I are deeply grateful and will definitely work hard to teach our little guy just how important it is to appreciate everything we have received.   
Miss anything? I could really go for a glass of wine and a night of blissfully, uninterrupted sleep.  I've heard that will happen again in about ten years, give or take? 
Movement: Yes, still stretching around in there and sometimes to the point of hurting me.  It is so special to me that the knitting ladies gave us booties because the most consistent body part I feel are his little feet.  I just can't wait to see his little baby toes in a few weeks.  
Pregnancy symptoms: This week the real pregnancy symptoms began.  Through out this journey/process/life changing event my symptoms have been relatively mild.  I even (thankfully!!) skipped over the morning sickness part.  The big guy in charge must have known that I'm pathetic while vomiting and spared me.  Honestly, you'll never see a grown woman behave so similarly to an infant until you see me getting sick.  
But this week, oh this week we hit a new level.  Mix back pain, swelling, some random insomnia, and lots of pressure in my lower abdomen and that's where I stand recline uncomfortably.  I am the hot mess definition of a pregnant lady.

So for fun, this is how I feel.... just keeping it real here folks.  You are so welcome!  


  1. How exciting for you and your husband Cady! You look positively glowing. It does get quite uncomfortable in those last weeks, but gosh, you're almost there!
    Ronnie xo