Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Hot

One of my September goals (see the full list here) was to update my old highchair for the baby.  This is for decoration, not what we'll actually use when the baby starts eating solids.  Plastic and straps are quality inventions that make this antique look like a deathtrap.  But I love the idea of mixing old and new items in the baby's nursery, plus this project was very simple and inexpensive.  
This project required one can of Rust-oleum ultra cover primer and two cans of Rust-oleum ultra cover apple red gloss.  At just under $4 a can, total cost was less than $12 and it was completed over the course of a weekend to make certain it was properly dried between coats of paint. 
Primer complete!
For the first layer of color we decided it would be easiest to flip the chair over and start with the bottom.  We wanted to be sure to get to all the grooves of the chair without overdoing the application.  
Mid-way through it was time to flip and repeat. 
A fun little action shot!  I do have to admit that our brother-in-law actually did more work on this than I did.  My spray painting technique is pretty horrible actually - I would glob it up too much or spray the air.  My future as a graffiti artist ended with this project.   
Done with the first coat!
I thought it was pretty funny when Mackenzie had to check it out.  Can you just imagine her wondering what this thing is? 
The final results which I love.  The red is nice and bright.  This is a nice little pop of color in the baby's room.  The nursery is coming together slowly but surely!

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