Sunday, September 23, 2012

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 weeks + 1 day 
What's on the canvas? To mark the start of autumn, I used simple paper in fall colors.  For fun I used a fiskers corner punch to soften the edges of paper and a scalloped square punch similar to this one for the middle piece.  It turned out a bit more turkey-esque than I was truly going for but turkeys certainly are part of the fall and I have food on the brain.  So, you're welcome.  Autumn just began and I've already brought up Thanksgiving. 
Weight gain: Per the doctor's appointment on Wednesday I was up 15 lbs.  Then I ate Oreo cookies.   
Best moments this week: The very best moment this week (this whole month) was our sonogram appointment on Friday afternoon.  A month ago my amniotic fluid was on the low side; this appointment confirmed that I'm back in the normal range and not too low.  We also observed the baby's profile and saw his little ear, watched him blink, and found out he has hair! 
Miss anything? Batter - I made brownies this weekend and had to pass up licking the spoon.  Sad face.  
Movement: Lots!  While writing this blog post the baby kicked so hard he moved the laptop.  
Pregnancy symptoms: I get bigger every week, my belly button is weirdly flat, and I am stereotypically forgetful.  And for fun, my knuckles and rings are testing boundaries to see which will win. 
Maternity clothes: no new purchases this week.  Do you remember the shirt this week from week 18?  Big difference in just 11 weeks! 


  1. I need to give you my vegan chocolate cookie recipe-that way you can enjoy the batter all you want.

    1. Caroline - I *love* the sound of that! Plus it sounds healthy so I could add icing to it :)

  2. 11 weeks or less to go!! how exciting, this is about the time i was ready for the baby to be here!! haha

    1. hahaha! I know - I am getting really excited to meet this little guy!