Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 70

Aidan's weight: 13.0 pounds on the dot!
Aidan's height: 23 1/4 inches. He is now in the 75% percentile for both weight and height!
Diaper usage: roughly 8 per day.  Some days we get bonus poops which up the ante to 9.
Breastfeeding: this is still our exclusive way of feeding Aidan.  He continues to eat every two hours during the day with two feedings during the night.  Of course breastfeeding in public is total chaos.  At some point Aidan and I will be on the same page about staying covered during the process.  
Favorite product: this week it would have to be our new car!
Sleep deprivation: this child does not take naps.  Or at least he rarely takes naps longer than twenty minutes and in my opinion, twenty minutes is not a real nap.  I wish I could express to him how enjoyable an afternoon nap can be but he just won't listen.  Typical.  At least I can say that his nighttime sleeping is longer and more consistent.  Bedtime is between 7-730 pm, he'll sleep until roughly 1 am for a feeding, then another one around 4 am and he's up by 7-730 am.  We did have one incredible night this week when he only had one feeding during the night at 3 am.    
Biological warfare: his system works that's for sure. 
Movement: lots of kicking and punching, head lifting, and smiling. We even pretend "walk" him which just means we hold him up and watch him kick his legs forward like he is walking.    
Best moments this week: buying a new car was a big, big moment for this family and we are loving it. This evening Mr. Sinks will be arriving for his two week R&R and that is going to be a huge moment.  Aidan and Grandpa Sinks have lots of catching up to do!    
Cutest Aidan feature: everything. I will probably always say everything but it's true.  These pictures were from a day this week when he had three blow outs and I still find him totally, completely adorable.  

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