Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We bought a zoo!

Ok, no we didn't buy a zoo.  Sorry for getting you overly excited about that.  I totally would have offered free admission to any readers out there.  We actually bought a car.  A really sweet family car that is clean now but doesn't stand a chance.  This car will be a zoo in a few years between Aidan's toys and crushed cheerios, Mackenzie's fur, and whatever other particles we drag in from our travels.

The whole process took us about two and a half hours during which Aidan ate twice, pooped once, and had more than one melt down.  In a few years we'll joke about his first car/zoo buying experience but for now, we're still recovering from the process.  We did get to enjoy a celebratory meal last night consisting of spicy chicken, fries, and champagne.  Yup, we like to enjoy the simple things after making a five figure purchase.  
{an instagram photo from last night.  yes, that is a picture frame serving as a tray.}
Last night was also our first and only family car ride in Alan's tiny Mazda RX8.  We barely fit two adults, a baby, a stroller, and a diaper bag into the vehicle.  Hopefully that little sports car makes someone else very happy.  And hopefully, they don't get nearly as many parking tickets as Alan racked up.  With that, we open the door to a new chapter in our lives as a family with a Dodge Durango! 
{Aidan's first and only trip in the Mazda RX8.}


  1. The whole process took about 5 hours. Half of that time was taken care of by Daddy before he went into work. ;-P

  2. so exciting!! congrats! enjoy the sweet new wheels ;) xo

    1. thank you! i still haven't even driven the car but Alan likes it!

  3. You look gorgeous Cady! I am so happy for you and your family! and the car is sweet too!