Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Clipboard transformation

Washi tape is one of the coolest materials I've worked with this year.  I discovered it when I started working on my 2012 Project Life binder.  Washi tape is a versatile material that can be nicely manipulated.  The best part about washi tape is that it seems to stick to everything but you can make mistakes with it.  You can remove the tape without leaving residue and move it around a bit if it didn't line up quite the way you wanted.  

Aside from using the washi tape on paper, the clipboard is the only other material I've tried and I have to say I think it pops very nicely.  I did this take on a chevron pattern to transform my clipboard.  It's almost too colorful and fun to put something over it!   
I now have plans to put washi tape on other items throughout the house - some for fun, some for function.  If you get inspired to start washi taping your house, let me know what you try out!

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