Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 Weeks

How far along? 30 weeks!  Only ten more to go, or maybe a little less ... I can always be hopeful.
What's on the canvas?  This weekend I'm in Charleston, SC visiting one of my best friends.  Ann helped me create the waves in the paper to signify our proximity to the water.  I added washi tape in a sweet green polka dot to create the 30 and added three baby sized leaves.  It still feels like summer in Charleston but I'm embracing fall! 
Weight gain:  up 17 lbs - I really like it when people tell me it's all baby weight.  But then I realize if they were correct, I'd be birthing a ginormous baby - oh, that's a medical term for you.  Take note.  
Best moments this week: As I mentioned here, I found out on Wednesday that the lump in my breast appears to be a benign tumor.  I'll be having a biopsy on Wednesday to confirm but it was a huge relief.  Friday I flew out to Charleston and have been enjoying a nice weekend.  Lots of good food, girl time, and site seeing.  Charleston has some incredible history and it's been wonderful to soak up the sites in the downtown area.    
Miss anything? Being able to hold my bladder.  I've always had a teaspoon sized bladder but this is just getting silly.  Saturday we were in downtown Charleston for shopping and the farmers market.  I'm pretty sure I visited every public bathroom available in Charleston.  Thanks for being so hospitable!   
Movement: Oh definitely.  Lately we have "the wave" going on - it's the baby's way of touring across my belly with either a butt or an elbow sticking out.  
Pregnancy symptoms: My belly button is still weirdly flat, my bladder is shrinking to minuscule proportions, and my fingers are nicely swollen.  I can still get my engagement and wedding rings on but I'm fearful of getting them back off.  Lately I've taken to wearing a bigger David Yurman ring on my ring finger so I don't have to go naked.  

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