Thursday, September 27, 2012

Currently :: relief

my celebratory bagel with Alan after the doctor's appointment yesteday
Breathing huge, relieved breathes.  I found out yesterday that the lump in my breast appears to be a benign tumor.  An appointment next week will take a biopsy to confirm this but for now, I am breathing and relaxing.
Dating my husband.  Last night we had the best date night.  We had a wonderful, long walk, dinner outside at a local Mexican place, and enjoyed ice cream and a movie at home.  Pure perfection.  Love you meepster.
Texting with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law about Addison's new found ability to crawl!
Packing for a trip to Charleston to visist one of my very best friends.
Drinking water.  Tons and tons of water.  I heard it will offset the Oreos I like to eat (ha!).
Preparing for the baby.  Ironing out details for the nursery, looking into birthing classes, and so much more. 
Knitting a sweater.
Finishing "The Men, the Mission, and Me" and starting a new book from library
Pulling out my favorite boots for this fall.
Decorating the house with pumpkins and fall decor.
Writing more blog posts, more ideas, and more memories.
Choosing new projects to take on for the fall.
Linking to Ali Edwards who encouraged this project/post. 


  1. I've found my way to your doorstep via glad for your good health news!

  2. Thank you so much Jakki - I'm so glad I was able to find out quickly that this looks benign. Still got my fingers crossed for the biopsy but feeling very relieved!